I can’t believe how neglected the poor CAYSF blog has been lately, what an absent cyberista I’ve been! Unfortunately (fortunately!), I’ve been living very much in the real world with tons of inspiring styling work like the fall lookbook for Oday Shakar. Being amongst his finery and team was pure bliss and I can’t wait to divulge the whole collection. For now, the above is the only peeksies I can offer! We began shooting at the Evo Studios penthouse downtown at the crack of dawn and as we finally called it quits and wheeled out the rolling racks in the wee hours of the night, P. Diddy’s production team was rolling in boatloads of champagne for a party the following eve. Oh, how I wish I could’ve hid out in a closet and been a fly on the wall for that shindig! Below are some behind the scenes snapshots of a fashion star in the making–congrats Oday!