If anything could give the Godforsaken freeways of Los Angeles a better name, it would be the new line of shades I recently stumbled upon for a shoot. I needed hot sunnies with a fresh take, and was referred by a Vogue pal to Alex Israel, founder of Freeway Eyewear. All around 100 bucks a pop and individually named for LA highways, the 405 and the 10 never looked so good.


Just when you think Gilt Groupe can’t get any more addictive, a whole new salivation-inducing slew of merch pops up daily. Because the beginning of the week is inevitably hectic and sifting is sometimes impossible (and really, we just can’t resist), CAYSF will begin posting our Monday gotta-have-it edits. Use our personal invitation link to avoid the suspenseful membership wait list and satisfy your sartorial hunger stat!

(From left to right, descending order)

1. Worlds Away Brutal Lamp, $236

2. Rag & Bone Bindery Album, $50

3. Rosegold Rossy Riding Boot, $139

4. Lai Ostrich Credit Card Case, $65

5. Assouline Fashion Gift Set, $95

6. Coleur Nature Kantha Throw, $108

7. Devon Leigh Large Black Steel link and Agate Pendant Necklace, $265

8. Missoni Fringe and Viscose Scarf, $99

9. Modern Vintage Princess Duvet Set, $98-115

10. Cubo CD/FM Clock Radio, $249

11. Proenza Oversized Round Frame Sunglasses, $129

12. Devon Leigh Green Agate and Variscite Necklace, $295

13. Chan Luu Green Mix 3 Wrap Bracelet, $108

14. Brian Reyes Silk Georgette Zig Zag Dress, $349

As her name would suggest, Nadège Winter is one cool chick.  The former head of PR for Colette (hello dream job?) also rocks stints as DJ, TV animator and eco-designer. NWA (Nadège Winter Agency) is her recent entrepreneurial foray into events and creative direction. When you add a much-deserved French Fashion Plate to her long resume, the title Renaissance Woman easily comes to mind…

Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to catch them at a W, Wired, or Blackberry party or even the artsy Brooklyn Ball, but if not, the photos above need obvious explanation. And take heed, as The Bumbys are sure to be The Next Big Thing; the couple’s concept is sheer genius. No, they don’t stage event stick-ups as the photos would suggest, but via their old-school typewriter (their only prop), the Bumbys anonymously appraise your appearance. And truthfully. Why, you may ask, would I stand in line (sometimes hundreds long) to be possibly torn apart by masked hooligans? Well, aren’t we all ruthlessly evaluated on a daily basis anyway (albeit silently) and when actually given feedback, it’s vapid b.s.? Gill and Jill at least offer a kitschy, witty, pop culturally adept assessment, and unless you rub them entirely the wrong way, they typically air on the side of kind. I highly suggest booking them for your next gig. See below for some examples of the Bumbys’ unique brand of scrutiny (I will refrain from disclosing my own review, purely out of humility, of course:)

“You look like an Eastern European assassin…a man that works for the gov and solves problems. But more like you espouse the tall and dark style that New Yorkers are known for. The cigarette just further backs up my idea of you as a hit man. I don’t want to run into you in a dark alley. Style at its best nonetheless. Overall rating…8.”

“You look like the aunt that I always wish I had. The one that would have shown me good things to listen to, and would have smoked pot with me for the first time. Maybe in another lifetime. Overall rating…7.8.”

“Did you need a few drinks to work up the courage to do this? You look a little tanked. That hair, and that deep look you shot me, are dashing. That beard is alright [sic] now. Just don’t let it get any longer, unless you wanna start looking homeless. Overall rating… 9.2.”

If my favorite girls from D2 Publicity are throwing this event, it surely cannot be missed. Shopping for a cause, new line debuts, free footwear and (a little birdie told me) a killer gift bag…any hesitation is pure idiocy!

Gimme Rimi

October 22, 2010


After the new “Rimi Yang. The Grand Couture.” opening at Jean de Merry last night, I felt the familiar pang of wanting art I can’t have. Do you recognize Edie and Coco?

Virtual Pond-Hopping

October 20, 2010

The tireless search for innovative pieces ends here. A new addition to the bookmarks bar and an undoubted paycheck plunge.

Holiday Anyone?

October 19, 2010

The rain in LA is incessant and I need a serious anti-depressant! Lo and behold, lurking in my inbox today was a reminder of the best kept secret of Palm Springs (besides the one-woman minivan architecture tour, natch)…Room Service rentals. The store, one of my favorite décor haunts, also owns an array of homes in the mid-century mecca “movie colony” portion of town, all outfitted in its goods (think Jonathan Adler and company). These six posh pads are much more affordable and intimate than a hotel stay if you have a bigg-ish group. I spent my most memorable birthday yet at “The Lodge” (the desert police may or may not have been called!) and had a heartfelt college reunion at “The White House” (a few too many skeletons came out of the closet that weekend but all in the name of FUN:)

Feel Like Makin’ Love

October 15, 2010

I’ve had a deep yearning for this French-phrased necklace for eons and yesterday my décolletage was finally blessed with the perfect rendition à la Alisa Michelle Designs (thank you, the best gift!). The full saying goes as such: je t’aime plus qu’hier moins que demain, and translates to “I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.” Wouldn’t it be dreamy to receive something like this from your beau? I’m clearly still waiting for my bilingual prince, but in the meantime, rocking it is a good exercise in self love and contentment and belief that it will someday be true from another. (Can you tell I just got back from an ashram or what?) On a sidenote, Alisa can morph any prayer charms or tokens into whatever adornment you’d like, check out her site; the above can be found on ebay here.

Strange Magic

October 6, 2010

If my walls could talk, they’d be begging for a Linder Sterling. Punk chick, Morrissey pal and cultural commentator, she’s the cat’s meow.