I was at a costume house pulling for a shoot last week and up to her neck in costume jewels arose the most fab British costume designer rocking these Givenchy gladiator jellies that I am now pining. lusting. and pining harder. after…A sign of a smart stylist, she walked the tightrope between comfort and chic. And I may have to take the plunge myself–shopping for a living can certainly morph a girl into a certifiable googly-eyed addict.


Maybe you’ve noticed them, or maybe you’ve been too concentrated on your treacherous traffic-dodging, but we’re digging the MAK Center’s “Art In Stead” campaign smattered across the billboards of Lala Land. I’ve spotted the gridlock conversation pieces and pondered what they could possibly be (actually hoping they weren’t yet another odd marketing ploy for some straight to DVD movie) and was pleasantly surprised when I visited the Schindler House for a LAND event (if you don’t know about THEIR mission, highly suggest you click and join!) to find all of them photographed in one space for more than just a glance between horn-blaring, taillights and multiple jerks cutting me off. These larger-than-life canvases are on view at the historied space (worth seeing itself) until May 30th.

I can’t believe how neglected the poor CAYSF blog has been lately, what an absent cyberista I’ve been! Unfortunately (fortunately!), I’ve been living very much in the real world with tons of inspiring styling work like the fall lookbook for Oday Shakar. Being amongst his finery and team was pure bliss and I can’t wait to divulge the whole collection. For now, the above is the only peeksies I can offer! We began shooting at the Evo Studios penthouse downtown at the crack of dawn and as we finally called it quits and wheeled out the rolling racks in the wee hours of the night, P. Diddy’s production team was rolling in boatloads of champagne for a party the following eve. Oh, how I wish I could’ve hid out in a closet and been a fly on the wall for that shindig! Below are some behind the scenes snapshots of a fashion star in the making–congrats Oday!

The Open Road

May 5, 2010

Here’s an understatement of the decade: if Angelenos had a genie in a bottle, one of the three wishes would involve less traffic. Photographer Jeffrey Aaronson’s work reflects this hopeless cause in his exhibition, Driving Desire, which opened at Fabrik Projects L.A. on April 24th. The series breaks down the  freeway system into its two components, the drivers and the actual structure of the freeway.  His black and white pics feature a car-less freeway, which is reason enough to be amazed! (How on earth did he snap the shots in daylight hours?)  Hit the highway and head down to the Arts District to catch the exhibition through May 16th.

What a Tease

May 4, 2010

Leslie Zemeckis’ new doc, Behind the Burly Q, is out May 7 at Laemmle’s Sunset 5. The film interviews former burlesque girls with names like Candy Cotton, Tempest Storm, and Lady Midnight (what is it, first street and first dog?)…Though these ladies tell fun stories of dating Kennedys and being on the road, much of their confessions reveal that the original burlesque scene was anything but pretty.  Still, Zemeckis’ collection of fab vintage photographs evokes a keen nostalgia for the old shows and costumes, which we’d prefer over acts like the Pussycat Dolls any day of the week…

Get a Kick Outta Sticks

April 30, 2010

Who knew that thousands of popsicle sticks and a whole lot of Elmer’s glue could morph into such elaborate furniture and works of art?  While we were busy building log cabins with them in second grade art class, budding artist David Hrobowski was using the sticks for lampshades, which he sold for $15. Fast forward forty years to 2007, when a trip to a local craft store triggered memories of these childhood creations and prompted him to create a vast collection of works that now go for more than $20K.  From that number, it’s clear Hrobowski’s work is far from child’s play.  Some pieces take hundreds of hours to complete, since he can only glue a few sticks together at a time before he has to stop and let them dry.  Lucky for him, Clare Gaham discovered his funky furniture in the window of a friend’s Melrose shop and booked him for a solo show in the soonest available slot – three years down the road. The Riffsticks exhibition opened last month at Highland Park’s MorYork gallery.

On the Hunt at UNIQUE LA

April 29, 2010

This weekend we took a stroll through UNIQUE LA, the largest independent design and gift show in the country. Their mantra is to provide Californians with a dose of art and culture by local independent artists (90% of the 300+ artists are from the L.A./California area) and give a boost to our economy. The four-day event not only made us realize how important it is to buy Made in the USA goods but expanded our little minds to the vast world of creativity and coolness that exists here in good old Lala (naysayers be dam*ed)! Here’s a peek at some of our fave vendors…

Graphic designer consultant Jen Murse has come out with her own line of laser cut acrylic jewelry, Plastique. Each piece is designed and assembled lovingly by hand by the owner herself and is ready to take LA by storm with it’s clean, minimalist and edgy feel.

The Mincing Mockingbird does cool artwork in the form of paintings, prints, magnets and stationery all depicting – you guessed it – birds.

The Frantic Meerkat, sister company to The Mincing Mockingbird (or should we say the “spousal” company – the owners are married!), lets wittiness reign on their array of greeting cards, prints and magnets.

The Popshop are any gourmet dessert-lover’s dream – they’re 100% natural, handmade with organic sugar and seasonal farmer’s market produce and mighty tasty too! With flavors like Meyer Lemon Ginger, Bananas Foster and Amaretto White Peach, we’re totally obsessed.

Artist Brad Lamers has an awesome array of artwork influenced by pop art and American life with abstract and humorous depictions of modern culture and style. Lamers’ designs are also available in the form of clothing through his company of tees Pop Casualty.

The Poster List showcases unique prints and posters of iconic figures and cool imagery. The quote on their website reads “These posters don’t suck!” by Perez Hilton, so I guess their posters really don’t suck…

Bijou Van Ness presents a collection of unique hats made with imported materials, silks, crystals and vintage brooches. The hats are inspired by world travel, various fashion eras and classic Hollywood glamour.

The Mercedes Benz P.S. Arts gala for the Santa Monica Antiques show kickoff is always one of my favorites of the year. Art, old odd stuff, the city’s best people watching, great music, food and libations all in one huge airport hangar. Pretty much my heaven.

Rush Me to Rossmore

April 21, 2010

One of the many beauties of the Coachella music festival is its Six Degrees of Separation magnetic quality. I ran into so many people that I love and haven’t seen in ages, my heart swelled with that OMG kind of happiness. I won’t lie, this also has its downside, i.e. seeing that annoying person from 6th grade you’d rather die than talk to at the moment, but I completely digress…When I bumped into one of my favorite jewelry designers from back in the day, Suzy Lequeux, I was truly elated. I was always over the moon when she made a new creation and nothing has changed. When she reached into her satchel at the show and pulled out a necklace from her line Rossmore for me to sport, I immediately put it on and began the VIP section viral marketing:) Her goods are subtle enough for layering, yet striking enough to wear alone. You simply must check out her site. ‘Nuff said!

CAYSF Giveaway Winner!

April 20, 2010

We are proud to announce this month’s CAYSF Giveaway winner…Cookie Jones!!! Her story was right up our alley with a perfect mix of wit, romance and humor. Take a peek at her delightful “Past Life” story that made her the proud owner of the Lagerfeld Sail Away Blazer!

Jocelyn tore off her four inch heels and raced to the end of the pier shouting his name, “Tulio! Tulio! Wait! I’ve changed my mind!” But it was too late. His sail boat was already gliding away from the dock. Tulio stood on the deck, smiling at her wistfully, and though he said nothing, he raised his glass of champagne, as if in a toast. Jocelyn locked eyes with him and never looked away ’til the boat was just a tiny dot floating on the sun-starred sea. Then she turned and trudged back up the pier, feeling like a fool. Her Lagerfeld Sail Away Blazer would be sailing nowhere today…

Congratulations Cookie, you look smashing dah-ling!

We also thought we would give a shout-out to a stories that we think deserve Honorable Mentions.

Submitted by CAYSF fan Kersten:

Gazing around the club, all crisp tablecloths and shucked oysters, Abigail realized just how much Havana had changed her. She was no longer the same girl who took meticulous notes at league meetings, no longer interested in chairing the April garden party. Buttoning her blazer and slipping toward the door, she heard the boyish waiter with eyes like strong coffee call her name. “It’s bright out there,” he said, handing over her sunglasses. Abigail put them on and took a breath. “Hablas espanol, Christian?”

Submitted by CAYSF fan Aimee:

“He would want you to have it,” my mother said softly as she delicately lifted the dusty coat out of the squeaky-hinged chest. Other than the sepia-toned photo of my parents’ elopement, there were very few mementos left behind of my father. I grasped the rigid shoulders of his jacket, the round, shiny buttons gleaming back at me. Hoping to smell any lingering scent of his aftershave, I held it up to my face. Through the musty odor, my memory awakened the hazy day that we went for a train ride to the carnival on the pier. He had just returned from being stationed in Germany for three months. Nothing could compare to the excitement of seeing him in his crisp, white jacket as he stepped through the front door.

Stay tuned for next month’s giveaway, featured on CHIC&youshallfind. Turn those adventures, dreams or fairy tales into a great story and you could be a winner too!