As a stylist, I can’t tell you how much easier life is when your subject is easy and the crew, well, collaborative. How hot does Ms. Monk look?

Thank you to Mister Austin Hargrave for making the photographic magic happen.


Hummingbird Love

April 13, 2010

Reasons to love hummingbirds…

A. When in flight, they have the fastest metabolism of any animal on earth! Couldn’t be more jealous.

B. They have strong matriarchal families. The male hummingbird gets in, does his business and goes on his merry way, leaving the mother to raise the babies entirely alone. You go girl.

C. They’re total jetsetters. Some breeds make 2,000-mile treks between Canada and Panama, including a non-stop, 500-mile flight over the Gulf of Mexico.

And now, get this story about the photos above:

The pictured woman is Abigail Alfano of Pine, Louisiana and her claim to fame is a mastery of this exotic species. She lives in a hummingbird fly zone and as the birds migrated one year, about 20 were hovering about her yard. She took a little red dish, filled it with sugar water and left it outside for the birds to feast. The next day, she decided to put the cup from the feeder in her hand and lo and behold, the birds came right over to her for an unreal up-close experience with these tiny fliers. Snow White much? Alfano says that the hummingbirds were light as feathers. She also mentions, “If I had known my husband was taking pictures, I would have put on makeup.” Susan, you look gorge–you’re our kinda gal.

On a more personal, spiritual note, every time I see a hummingbird, I think of my mom and am reminded of God’s existence. She has giant feeders at her home in the mountains in South Carolina and they just love to check her out when they buzz upon her deck. I thank God for such loving people in my life every time I see one. Happy Birthday Aunt Kitty–you are a gem of a lady and I will now forever think of you too upon site of these amazing beings.

Missed The Boat, But…

April 12, 2010

I must sadly admit, I didn’t have the stamina to make it to this party last week. When you’re working 15 hour days, sometimes the only thing you can physically do at the end of the day is order pizza and dig into that cherry red Netflix envelope! However, I did masochistically take a peek online at the goods I missed out on at Perrin Perris (I’m a fashion “cutter” apparently) and WOWZAS! Gloves and bags and more gloves made into bags–I was having heart palpitations! Made. For. Moi. Consider this heart (and hands) stolen, Monsieur Michel!

We just couldn’t get enough of these two…so for your viewing pleasure, the Adler/Doonan Big Apple digs.

Still didn’t get your fix? Head to the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs for another dose of Adler amazingness.

Photos from Dean Kauffman

What do you get when you mix an eclectic mid-century designer and Barney’s zany creative director? An AH-mazing house filled with vivid colors, mod swag and the best design duo in America. We just learned interior zeitgeist Jonathan Adler and fashion master Simon Doonan got hitched in 2008 (have we been living in a cave?)–seriously. the. best. match. They’ve graced New York’s Shelter Island with a home filled with goods that truly represent their “eccentric glamorous” style. The 1,800-square-foot cottage has three bedrooms, a 75-foot lap pool and a tropical garden teeming with Himalayan Banana plants and bamboo. As can be expected, Adler’s own pieces fill the airy, mod space as well as vintage mid-century furniture and prize finds from antique shops, flea markets and thrift stores. Umm…if they ever need someone to house-sit, we’re definitely free!

Photos from Attic Mag and Todd Pitt for USA Today

I’ve screamed my love for LAS from the high mountaintops several times before, but get ready to see some new goods after tomorrow night’s special soirée at another outpost after my own heart, EM & Co.!

While in Omaha a few weeks ago, I was completely transfixed by a photo in my besties’ living room by Bill Sitzmann. Every time I glanced at the quasi-scandalous piece, some new juicy detail popped out. This shutterbug spent his childhood traveling from place to place, until he finally took roots in my hometown.  His career began at age 17 when he was recognized in the “Utah State Art Show” for his hyper real depiction of his best pal eating two rainbow trout.  By the time he was 21, he was published in Time Magazine, and at age 25 he landed his first national cover.  Now he specializes in shooting rockstars in surreal, exotic settings that play with our idea of ordinary.  He’s racked up a list of clients (and rightfully so) including Warner Brothers Records, Time, SOMA, and RCA Records.

The Glory Of Floria

April 5, 2010

While I was working (like a dog) at Vogue, I had the pleasure of wardrobing on a shoot with the legendary music video director and complete visionary, Floria Sigismondi. Not only was I taken aback at her personal style and one-of-a-kind vibe, but simply found her inspiring as a woman. She started out as a fashion photog (see shots below) and morphed into mayjah music video director almost overnight–bands like Fiona Apple, Sigur Ros, Leonard Cohen, The Cure, Muse, Interpol and David Bowie shine on a long client roster of luminaries. Sigismondi is also the woman behind the new flick “Runaways” about the life and times of Cherie Curry and Joan Jett, starring Dakota Fanning. Did I mention she’s a mom too? Ladies, it IS possible to have it all!

When I came to Los Angeles 10 years ago hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, the responses I typically received were in the ignorant genre of “So, what, did you ride a tractor to school every day?” While this hit my heart like a ton of bricks, I’ve never been more proud of my hometown, its people and blissful childhood there. Now, when I tell people of my humble beginnings, they say, “Whoa, like Saddle Creek Records and Conor Oberst, so rad!” And I have to heartily laugh. If that’s what it takes to put this amazing place on the map, then so be it. But there is plenty of art and culture and downright good people who shaped me that mean oodles more than a record label to this now practically native Angeleno. Like the Counting Crows song proclaims, “Omaha…Somewhere in Middle America..Gets right to the heart of matters…It’s the HEART that matters more.”

These pics were taken on a recent trip home for a fantastic wedding (the bride wore an INSANE Marchesa gown) and I did a little vintage hunting for the site too–you can look forward to these goodies soon. The art is from a restaurant/gallery called Dixie Quicks, the Hunter S. Thompson poster (which I had shipped), can be purchased at Jackson Street Booksellers and the rest is just for your visual pleasure:)

We’re digging San Francisco artist Jason Mecier and his schizo view of celebrity. His 3D mosaic portraits of the stars are created solely with discarded objects or items that one might associate with the luminary (think deodorant, wrappers, broken sunglasses, pasta, pills…even a turkey baster!)  To Mecier, anything can be used as art supply.  Sometimes he dumpster dives himself, although oftentimes his tabloidal subjects directly send boxes of their old stuff.  Lucky you if you caught the “Celebrity Junk Drawer” exhibit at Ghettogloss Gallery March 17-24.

Photos courtesy of