Window Shopping

March 8, 2011


United We Stand

March 7, 2011

Our good friends at United Nude consistently reach new heights each season and the Spring/Summer collection (available online today) has our mouths watering and bank accounts trembling. Congrats Rem and Dori!

Netflix Now: The Last Metro

February 23, 2011

Yes, our Netflix Now series is teeming with WWII movies and probably Truffaut too, but The Last Metro is today’s tops. The costuming alone is awe-inspiring and it’s hard not to do Catherine Deneuve/Gwyneth Paltrow double takes the entire flick.


February 22, 2011

I’ve had an affinity for globes long before they were granted interior “it” status and have begrudgingly hidden the few I’ve collected in rebellion of their trend factor. However, this chalkboard spinoff (no pun intended) is en route for the CAYSF office. I love the idea of “telling the world” your secrets and desires (or even just your to-do list). There are a few varieties on Etsy.

Banksy’s BAAAACK!

February 17, 2011

Armed with his usual UK wit and graffiti galore, CAYSF’s treasured anonymous artist publique has struck LaLa Land yet again. Wonder if he’s “painting the town” in honor of his Oscar nod for Exit Through The Giftshop? On a sidenote, CBS could never be accused of financial naiveté for taking down its billboard due to “not relating to their intended message” (read: selling it for MAJOR profit).

Blot It Out

February 5, 2011



It’s time for our weekly Gilt roundup. If you haven’t signed up yet, or have friends who’ve missed the boat, use our link to bypass the waiting list–just click anywhere on the site after you’re transferred and it will prompt you to become an insta-member…

(from left to right, descending)

1. Schutz Thin Platform Pump, $129

2. Kendra Scott Jewelry Three Stone Statement Necklace, $88

3. Surface to Air Sparks Cropped Blouse, $59

4. Paul & Joe Sister Cotton Dervice Trench, $169

5. Amrita Sing Catalina Bangle Set of 30, $38

6. Jay Godfrey Marmont One Shoulder Dress, $159

7. Fornasetti Food & Wine Gift Set of 4, $95

8. Jardins du Jour Garden Stool, $158

9. Parvez Taj “Wolverine Beach” Painting, $109

10. Brian Reyes Silk Black Widow Shift Dress, $499

11. Yarnz Watercolor Cashmere Scarf, $59

12. Anouk Heather Mid-Calf Boot, $199

The inspiration has fizzled in the CAYSF studio, which always means new art…and I’m hoping good Erté at that. Actually pronounced air-tay, this illustrator and costume designer defined the Deco era. Imaginative, sometimes trippy and always beautiful, I’m hoping his work will put a skip in my creative step. Let the Ebay hunt begin…

Under The Radar…For Now

January 24, 2011

Our Monday morning prediction: time’s ticking before this line blows up. Elkin, the brainchild of LA’s Smith sisters, has a paradoxical vibe that every twenty-something in the 21st century understands. Day to night, goth to gamine, sweet to sass, this collection heralds the alter-ego in all of us.

I’m still gushing (and blushing) after devouring Keith Richards’ memoir, Life, over the holidays. Yes, he could’ve been a bit more aspirational with the title, but if anyone can get away with it, this ultimate survivor can. You can expect the usual drugs, sex, rock ‘n’ roll antics, but how about discovering how “Satisfaction” was written or who the inspiration for “Under My Thumb” was? I could write my own novel attempting to coerce you to buy the tome, but let’s keep it simple: if you’ve ever had a passion for music or the revolutionary time in history in which the Stones reigned supreme, READ THIS BOOK.

The images above are courtesy of Michael Cooper, one of Keef’s pals and a prolific photographer who could keep up with the best of ’em…