Performance Art Du Jour: The Bumbys

November 23, 2010

Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to catch them at a W, Wired, or Blackberry party or even the artsy Brooklyn Ball, but if not, the photos above need obvious explanation. And take heed, as The Bumbys are sure to be The Next Big Thing; the couple’s concept is sheer genius. No, they don’t stage event stick-ups as the photos would suggest, but via their old-school typewriter (their only prop), the Bumbys anonymously appraise your appearance. And truthfully. Why, you may ask, would I stand in line (sometimes hundreds long) to be possibly torn apart by masked hooligans? Well, aren’t we all ruthlessly evaluated on a daily basis anyway (albeit silently) and when actually given feedback, it’s vapid b.s.? Gill and Jill at least offer a kitschy, witty, pop culturally adept assessment, and unless you rub them entirely the wrong way, they typically air on the side of kind. I highly suggest booking them for your next gig. See below for some examples of the Bumbys’ unique brand of scrutiny (I will refrain from disclosing my own review, purely out of humility, of course:)

“You look like an Eastern European assassin…a man that works for the gov and solves problems. But more like you espouse the tall and dark style that New Yorkers are known for. The cigarette just further backs up my idea of you as a hit man. I don’t want to run into you in a dark alley. Style at its best nonetheless. Overall rating…8.”

“You look like the aunt that I always wish I had. The one that would have shown me good things to listen to, and would have smoked pot with me for the first time. Maybe in another lifetime. Overall rating…7.8.”

“Did you need a few drinks to work up the courage to do this? You look a little tanked. That hair, and that deep look you shot me, are dashing. That beard is alright [sic] now. Just don’t let it get any longer, unless you wanna start looking homeless. Overall rating… 9.2.”


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