Chick We Dig: Peggy Guggenheim

August 13, 2010

I’m in the throes of an intimidating summer book list (it’s August and I’m only halfway through) and the Peggy Guggenheim bio, The Mistress of Modernism, has been a beacon of light and intrigue. As one of the first female champions of the art world, a turbulently free-spirited character and all-out stylish lady, the pages of this tome are practically turning themselves! (PS do the shades in the boat pic look familiar? a la Alex Wang perhaps?)


One Response to “Chick We Dig: Peggy Guggenheim”

  1. Annie said

    I’m totally with you on Miss Peggy Guggenheim. As a fundraiser, I adore her for the ridiculous generosity she bestowed upon the arts, and as a person I admire the moxie and devil-may-care attitude she displayed in her personal life. If only all lives could be lived with such whimsical enjoyment. Though I can’t but believe that she’s lucky to have missed the days of twitter and 24/hours celebrity gossip.

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