Hint, Hint

August 12, 2010

In my fantasy world of commuting between one Neutra in the Hills and another Gehry in Malibu, I’d like to fill said abodes with oodles of art and whale-sized walls of coffee table books. Where I would no doubt begin my collection of the latter is with copies of Visionaire, starting with its debut in ’91 and moving forward to the present. With some of the glossies’ production values reaching $500K and a yearly subscription rate of $625, not to mention my predilection for actual clothes, I may be geriatric before I reach this accomplishment. BUT I do have a bday coming up and there’s always e-bay (see listings below)…A girl can dream, right?

#51 Harmony

#50 Artists Toys

#1 Spring

#23 The Emporer’s New Clothes

#20 Comme des Garcons


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