The Beauties of Bond: Day 1

July 8, 2010

For the next couple of days, we are devoting ourselves to a Bond babe montage. First, we would like to pause for a moment and marvel at how lucky of a guy James Bond was. Of course we thank him for fighting the toughest onscreen criminals, but considering that he was constantly surrounded by the likes of Honey Ryder and Sylvia Trench…well his job definitely had some perks. So now we would like to pay our respects to these onscreen beauties for their sultry demure and showing those ity bitty bikinis who’s boss!

  • Honey Ryder (played by Ursula Andress): The quintessential Bond girl, she’s way more than eye candy. Since emerging from the sea in a little white bikini singing “Underneath the Mango Tree,” Honey’s yet to be forgotten as the ultimate Bond bombshell!

  • Sylvia Trench (played by Eunice Gayson): Miss Sylvia Trench and Bond only met briefly at a casino in “Dr. No,” but being a buxom beauty scored her another appearance in “From Russia with Love.” James must’ve liked what he saw, and we couldn’t blame him a bit!


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