Celerie is Good for Your Health

June 30, 2010

Last week I went over to one of my bestie’s abodes that had just undergone an extreme makeover… home edition style. The last time I was there we sipped our lattes in  half wallpapered rooms covered in paint option patches and fabric swatches littered the floor. So when she invited me over to view the final product, I was a little nervous considering the disarray last I’d visited (I was even practicing excited faces ahead of time). Upon entry, my hesitation immediately turned into hardcore jealousy–her mess of a dwelling had morphed into one of Celerie Kembel’s homes!  And I was right, my bff had studied “To Your Taste,” the Harvard grad and Palm Beach-based interior designer’s book. I was so impressed with the final outcome that I had to give a shout out to this decor superwoman and her aesthetic goodwill. As every stylish chick knows, being “habitually” chic is just as important as being dressed to the nines. After seeing a real-life before and after, CAYSF highly recommends this tome as an addition to your coffee table and design perspective.


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