Netflix Now: Fellini’s 8 1/2

June 24, 2010

Not sure about you, but those Netflix red envelopes are sacred in my household. My queue is full of flicks for life lessons, visual pleasure and overall education, which sometimes means it takes me awhile to get through my “homework.” Fellini’s “8 1/2” was no such thing though. The sets, costumes and plotline (hello writer’s block?) are now near and dear to my heart and I hope will be to yours too! (We are going to start a weekly “Netflix Now” series if anyone cares to delve into the filmic past with us…) On a sidenote, Anouk Aimee is a new obsession deserving of an entire post (we’ll get on that stat). Anyone who has seen the movie: how much does she resemble Penelope Cruz in Volver? Uncanny or no? ADDENDUM 8/9/10: Due to my lack of love for musicals, I missed the very obvious fact that the new-ish movie Nine is a spinoff of this flick. Wow, blogging can really humble a gal:) How weird though that I mentioned Anouk’s doppelganger, Penelope, above and she was cast in the opposite role? Hmm.


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