Walking In The Nude

June 23, 2010

When we heard that two (very good looking) men were pairing up to make a line of shoes inspired by love, architecture, and a woman’s foot…we listened. I had a sultry Venice dinner with Rem Koolhaas (Junior) and his marketing man Dory a few years ago and certainly wasn’t surprised when the final products were unveiled, considering how “kool” they were. United Nude footwear dazzles our toes and our hearts with their skyscraper heels! Snag a pair of these and maybe you’ll seduce a man into a lifetime of love and shoe shopping…Could we really ask for anything more?

Images from top to bottom:

1. United Nude Frame

2. United Nude Block Pump Hi

3. United Nude Ankle Strap Hi


2 Responses to “Walking In The Nude”

  1. Love the color combo of the green shoe!

  2. Liz said

    United Nude are one of my fave designer brands! I love block pump hi but think the black colour way is standard compared to the statement making Fluo Red http://www.kindredsole.com/block-pump-hi-5.html

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