Get a Kick Outta Sticks

April 30, 2010

Who knew that thousands of popsicle sticks and a whole lot of Elmer’s glue could morph into such elaborate furniture and works of art?  While we were busy building log cabins with them in second grade art class, budding artist David Hrobowski was using the sticks for lampshades, which he sold for $15. Fast forward forty years to 2007, when a trip to a local craft store triggered memories of these childhood creations and prompted him to create a vast collection of works that now go for more than $20K.  From that number, it’s clear Hrobowski’s work is far from child’s play.  Some pieces take hundreds of hours to complete, since he can only glue a few sticks together at a time before he has to stop and let them dry.  Lucky for him, Clare Gaham discovered his funky furniture in the window of a friend’s Melrose shop and booked him for a solo show in the soonest available slot – three years down the road. The Riffsticks exhibition opened last month at Highland Park’s MorYork gallery.


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