Rush Me to Rossmore

April 21, 2010

One of the many beauties of the Coachella music festival is its Six Degrees of Separation magnetic quality. I ran into so many people that I love and haven’t seen in ages, my heart swelled with that OMG kind of happiness. I won’t lie, this also has its downside, i.e. seeing that annoying person from 6th grade you’d rather die than talk to at the moment, but I completely digress…When I bumped into one of my favorite jewelry designers from back in the day, Suzy Lequeux, I was truly elated. I was always over the moon when she made a new creation and nothing has changed. When she reached into her satchel at the show and pulled out a necklace from her line Rossmore for me to sport, I immediately put it on and began the VIP section viral marketing:) Her goods are subtle enough for layering, yet striking enough to wear alone. You simply must check out her site. ‘Nuff said!


One Response to “Rush Me to Rossmore”

  1. Estel said

    LOVE Rossmore!!!! Been wearing Suzy’s amazing line of jewelry forever xoxoxox

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