CAYSF Giveaway Winner!

April 20, 2010

We are proud to announce this month’s CAYSF Giveaway winner…Cookie Jones!!! Her story was right up our alley with a perfect mix of wit, romance and humor. Take a peek at her delightful “Past Life” story that made her the proud owner of the Lagerfeld Sail Away Blazer!

Jocelyn tore off her four inch heels and raced to the end of the pier shouting his name, “Tulio! Tulio! Wait! I’ve changed my mind!” But it was too late. His sail boat was already gliding away from the dock. Tulio stood on the deck, smiling at her wistfully, and though he said nothing, he raised his glass of champagne, as if in a toast. Jocelyn locked eyes with him and never looked away ’til the boat was just a tiny dot floating on the sun-starred sea. Then she turned and trudged back up the pier, feeling like a fool. Her Lagerfeld Sail Away Blazer would be sailing nowhere today…

Congratulations Cookie, you look smashing dah-ling!

We also thought we would give a shout-out to a stories that we think deserve Honorable Mentions.

Submitted by CAYSF fan Kersten:

Gazing around the club, all crisp tablecloths and shucked oysters, Abigail realized just how much Havana had changed her. She was no longer the same girl who took meticulous notes at league meetings, no longer interested in chairing the April garden party. Buttoning her blazer and slipping toward the door, she heard the boyish waiter with eyes like strong coffee call her name. “It’s bright out there,” he said, handing over her sunglasses. Abigail put them on and took a breath. “Hablas espanol, Christian?”

Submitted by CAYSF fan Aimee:

“He would want you to have it,” my mother said softly as she delicately lifted the dusty coat out of the squeaky-hinged chest. Other than the sepia-toned photo of my parents’ elopement, there were very few mementos left behind of my father. I grasped the rigid shoulders of his jacket, the round, shiny buttons gleaming back at me. Hoping to smell any lingering scent of his aftershave, I held it up to my face. Through the musty odor, my memory awakened the hazy day that we went for a train ride to the carnival on the pier. He had just returned from being stationed in Germany for three months. Nothing could compare to the excitement of seeing him in his crisp, white jacket as he stepped through the front door.

Stay tuned for next month’s giveaway, featured on CHIC&youshallfind. Turn those adventures, dreams or fairy tales into a great story and you could be a winner too!


One Response to “CAYSF Giveaway Winner!”

  1. Cookie said

    I LOVE my jacket! Makes me feel so…chic! Thanks so much!


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