Proud Of My Midwestern Roots

March 31, 2010

When I came to Los Angeles 10 years ago hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, the responses I typically received were in the ignorant genre of “So, what, did you ride a tractor to school every day?” While this hit my heart like a ton of bricks, I’ve never been more proud of my hometown, its people and blissful childhood there. Now, when I tell people of my humble beginnings, they say, “Whoa, like Saddle Creek Records and Conor Oberst, so rad!” And I have to heartily laugh. If that’s what it takes to put this amazing place on the map, then so be it. But there is plenty of art and culture and downright good people who shaped me that mean oodles more than a record label to this now practically native Angeleno. Like the Counting Crows song proclaims, “Omaha…Somewhere in Middle America..Gets right to the heart of matters…It’s the HEART that matters more.”

These pics were taken on a recent trip home for a fantastic wedding (the bride wore an INSANE Marchesa gown) and I did a little vintage hunting for the site too–you can look forward to these goodies soon. The art is from a restaurant/gallery called Dixie Quicks, the Hunter S. Thompson poster (which I had shipped), can be purchased at Jackson Street Booksellers and the rest is just for your visual pleasure:)


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