Gallery Hopping…SO The New Bar Hopping

March 9, 2010

True to form, I’m totally off-topic today and in the mood to talk art instead of Oscar. What’s better than insane visuals, free booze and stellar people watching? Quite frankly, nothing! I’ve been a fiend for gallery openings lately and thought I’d share some of the highlights. I kicked off last-last weekend with the “Meet Me Inside” exhibit at Gagosian where a 1975 Ed Ruscha flick titled “Miracle” was screened against a wall in a Bev Hills back alley for a “drive-in” feel. Beer was aplenty and Tom Sachs created a fry machine sculpture fully equipped with Mickey D’s french fries for grub (true to form yet again, I CHOWED)…Here is an excerpt from a Gary Numan poem that encompasses all of the other gallery goodies from the exhibit:

Meet Me Inside

I’ll keep my head to the floor

And one hand on the handle

Of the mad/sane door

On Saturday, I hit every art space on Culver City’s Gallery Row, with a first stop at Taylor de Cordoba. Kimberly Brooks did a series of paintings of famous LA stylists and tastemakers. Below is my personal fave, Rose Apodaca, and above are a series of pieces from the other shows, artists include (in descending order) David Ratcliffe, William Powhida, Maria E. Pineres, Nicolas DiLeo, Louis Cannizzarro and Savva Kornyshev. The last stop and by far the coolest, was The Loft At Liz’s, located above an antique hardware store that was a rad labyrinth of old treasures–check out her site for more upcoming events–the space alone is worth giving it a Sat nite spin.


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