Think I’ll Leave Fashion Week to

February 16, 2010

Since my mind is in a continual state of vintage these days, I thought I’d leave the runways of NY to the experts this week. I’m decidedly keeping my head in the past, where it has always tended to go anyway (for better or worse). Here is my concept for the blog until the new site launches (God-willing next week)–each day I am going to bring you a multitude of pics of one of the Rolling Stones’ chicks. After all, these guys have pulled the most stylish women in history. It may obviously take me awhile to finish this little project considering how scandalous the band has been, but more fun for us!

I’ve started with Chrissie Shrimpton. I’ll keep the bios short and sweet; here’s the vitals:

  • She dated Mick from 1963-1966
  • “Under My Thumb,” “Stupid Girl” and “19th Nervous Breakdown” were written about her.  Obviously their relationship wasn’t unicorns and rainbows!
  • Jagger filed an injunction against her recently to prevent her from publishing his private love letters to her. Oh to be a fly on that salacious wall…
  • She’s the sister of famed model and David Bailey’s fave Jean Shrimpton.


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