AVE Maria

January 5, 2010

Every so often in life we meet our so-to-speak “style soulmate” and when the sun rises on that fated day, wardrobes are exchanged, endless fashion chats begin and that magical thing called *inspiration* sparks. Well, enter my fearless, free spirit fashion doppelganger MARIA KOROVILAS who has taken up residence in San Fran to attend…bet you can guess it…fashion school. Above are some of her so-called “rough” sketches and below is her thesis collection which, fingers crossed, will be shown at NY fashion week next fall. Each intricate design in the latter collection is truly couture; all garments will be hand-sewn and every tiny bead requires a minimum of three stitches–talk about dedication, right? She is looking upon this next semester of work with an obvious sense of overwhelming, but I have utter and complete faith in her skill and relentless heart. Please support my friend and comment on her designs! Let’s send Maria into the next phase of her life with a gusto-like confidence!


4 Responses to “AVE Maria”

  1. Evi said

    This is amazing! All of her items are going to be hand-sewn…what dedication! Love her work! 🙂

  2. annie wright said

    amazing maria! LOVE IT!

  3. Jessica said

    So unique, absolutely LOVE the collection!!! Dying to see it walk down the runway… AND can’t wait to buy a piece! Her designs are amazing!

  4. […] is a bona fide genius and I could gush for days on her talents (like I’ve already done here eons ago). Check out her “Meet The Team” page on the boutique site to learn a little […]

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