Fierce Find of the Week: A Compendium of Clogs

December 29, 2009

Any of you who follow moi on twitter know that I have been on the mad hunt for a pair of clogs since the October Chanel show inspired by Marie Antoinette’s sheperdess phase. I predict this trend will take off like Prada turbans and platforms, but we might be waiting for a while for it to reach its tipping point–which basically means it’s going to be at least a year before we can affordably get a runway-worthy pair. However, I’ve done a bit of not-so-casual web browsing and the below may sartorially suffice for peeps like me that simply do not possess the virtue of patience.

1) Dala black hand-painted clog with red kurbit

2) Tessa silver high-heeled clog

3) Dala spring print clog

4) Dala Dalanna white clog with blue kurbits

5) Swedish Hasbeens slip in super-high

6) Clogwild Sanita Dory light purple fishkin clog


One Response to “Fierce Find of the Week: A Compendium of Clogs”

  1. maria k. said

    thank YOU! i have been looking everywhere for some clogs, i’ve been totally inspired by karen from californication and really wanted a nice pair. surprisingly hard to find at the moment. whippee!

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