December 26, 2009

Il était une fois…(translation: Once upon a time…)

A fashionable rouge-haired It Chick purchased a drop-dead patent Chanel tote. They visited far-off lands and indulged in many wet lunches together–as a pair they were the whole package. But as this fair lady’s life pace slowed (and it inevitably did), so did the bag’s visibility and use. Its unfortunate fate was to become a carryall for the once carefree and sociable beauty’s (GASP!) knitting supplies. Along the way, she just so happened to birth a bubbly blonde who inherited the same penchant for Chanel and fun. Every year at Christmas, this daughter begged to be bestowed the magical purse and alas, it was never given. Here is the heated dialogue that passed between them on a recent stormy day…

Daughter With A Life: This poor bag gets so little use. It sits in a closet until you’re ready to give someone a shawl. It deserves some scene and spice and splash for goodness’ sake!

Mother Darling: How versatile of a purse that it can travel with me through the many stages of my life? And I’m sorry, but it’s pretty fabulous that my yarn has such a chic home.

Daughter With A Life: It is certainly NOT what Karl Lagerfeld intended for this lavender lusciousness.

Mother Darling: But sweetheart, What Would Coco Chanel Do?

Where do you weigh-in on the Great Chanel Debate of ’09?


One Response to “W.W.C.C.D.?”

  1. KPH said

    Mother Darling should give it to Daughter Dearest! 😉 Something this fabulous should “tote” town not collect dust!

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