The Meaningful “Stuff”

December 25, 2009

If Christmas Eve is all about the anticipation of wanting and getting and consuming, the actual day is for thankfulness and remembering the little nuances of life that have real and bigtime meaning. So here are a few of my for realzzz “favorite things”:

continual learning. loud thunderstorms and puddle-jumping. people without a fake bone in their bodies. getting lost in Paris, NYC or even my own city. mind wandering. good teachers. lilacs & peonies. sharing good cabernets with even better friends. leading with my heart. flea markets. getting respect. writing freely with zero self-editing. South Carolina waterfalls. Malibu beaches (La Piedra & Big Dume in particular). private dance parties when only my besties are watching. books that make me laugh and cry (Beach Music, West With The Night, The Good Earth, Le Petit Prince, The Red Tent, The Painter From Shanghai). defeating my own indecision through action. a good ol’ fashioned therapy sesh. childlike fascination and anything whimsical. museums of every kind. my aunt Cece and her infinite arty wisdom. learning something new about my mom. her chicken pot pie & secret spaghetti recipe. my own enchiladas. deja vu. the instant gratification of Wikipedia (I’m such a know-it-all). Brigitte Bardot & the fact that we saved her furry little life. Jasmine (see above photo) & the fact that she was a 15th bday pressie and still alive. instant connections with total strangers. admiring women of the past (hello Gloria Steinem? Diana Vreeland? Amelia Earhart?). foreign flicks (anything Almodovar, Paris Je T’Aime, The Lives of Others, Nowhere in Africa, Breathless, La Dolce Vita). The giggles. Nightswimming (the song too). old souls & free spirits. my Nebraska childhood and Montana summers. meteor showers (which always mean you can wish on multiple falling stars:) desolate beaches in Todos Santos & the East Cape. wide-brimmed hats and blindingly bright lipstick (YSL #19 baybee!). a fresh tan. yoga sessions that make me cry. vintage anything. wide open spaces. remembering. keeping promises I made to myself. drawing. finding inspiration in odd places. hiking the canyons (Temescal, Topanga, Franklin, Fryman). the novelty of sometimes not giving a flying shit about shinola. doing the right thing. my high school clique and our history. surfing in Costa Rica (aka beating my own fears). being visually satisfied. unexplained coincidences. photography that makes you double-take like Helmut Newton’s. rare moments of utter & complete self confidence. a nice cool beer buzz:) my family’s health. nostalgia. standing out. blending in. appreciating the self-sacrifices of my mom & her mom & her mom. allowing myself the occasional obnoxious or silly moment. Stacey’s humor. Carle’s patience. Nola’s loyalty. Tiyson’s wit. Katie’s understanding. Lauren’s intelligence. Kristina’s utter and complete fabulosity. living out loud. SELF-REFLECTION!!!


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