Not Quite Bah-Humbug, But So Bah-Busy

December 16, 2009

First of all, mayjah apologies for being so MIA of late. I can’t keep my daily “To Do List” to a minimum of 17 things right now. But hopefully, you’ll be happy with the 2010 goals chicandyoushallfind has been working towards (I’m pretty confident you will!)…Anyway, the old blogsters is not the only thing I’ve put on the back burner–just now getting to my holiday cards, prezzies and such. How great are these  Mark Ryden cards for the holidays? Say Chrimakwanzaakah surreal style! Nothin’ like artistically universal greetings for all my Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, agnostic and even atheist friends! If you’re slacking like me, it’s still not too late to grab them at MOCA or on Ebay.


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