I Betcha Think This Blog Is About You, Don’t You, Don’t You?

November 15, 2009





“You waaaaalked into the partyyyy, like you were walkin’ onto a yacht…” (Top five fave songs ever for the record.) Carly Simon-loving aside; I am not vain, I’ve just decided to de-anonymize chicandyoushallfind due to a good friend and fellow blogger’s advice. This discerning chica refuses to follow anyone that doesn’t post pics of themselves as that automatically deems them “fat. phrumpy. and unstylish.”


I have been anti-visual self promotion for the opposite mantra: those narcissistic bloggy glamour shots sorta make. my tummy. turn. As a stylist, I always say there is a reason I work behind the lens and the late great photog Irving Penn said why best: “The camera makes me nervous–it’s like a razor blade. I’d like to protect myself from the incisions it can make.” Did you know he had only a few pictures of himself in a lifetime of prolific shutterbugging? And they were late-in-career self portraits when he was facing his own mortality? Well, I’d like to think I’m far from my deathbed and would love for my readers to know I am not “fat,” “phrumpy,” or “unstylish” so please forgive my flaws and keep reading (these images could obv use a retouch or five:)


Look 1:

Nathalia Gaviria portrait denim vest purchased at Showpony in Echo Park. Vintage Prada leopard voluminous skirt from Decades Two. Carlee Santarelli vintage fabric oversize cocktail ring. Stella McCartney cherry red stilts. 

Look 2: 

Vintage floral caftan. Vintage crystal tree earrings. 

Look 3:

Vintage denim vertical seamed dress. Vintage Saks blossom blazer. Ports 1961 white blossom fabric brooches. 


One Response to “I Betcha Think This Blog Is About You, Don’t You, Don’t You?”

  1. maria k. said

    beautiful my dear… no chance in hell you could ever be fat, frumpy, or unstylish!

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