Get 1st Dibs!!!

November 11, 2009


Most designer vintage vendors have converted to the wiles of the 20th century and joined the rest of us on the web, but is where they all congregate. If you haven’t gone to this site yet, you can thank me later. The latest to rally is RESURRECTION whose smattering of yummies is above. Special thanks to for this info and even more for giving CAYSF the scoop on how to get 15% off: email and happy hunting!


One Response to “Get 1st Dibs!!!”

  1. Werk said

    bren, remember when we were at paperbag and they were like, “you cant try on the bob mackie because it’s going on 1st dibs.” and we were all, “huh??” and they were all “yeah.” i investigated said site on my flight home and have been hooked ever since. i ‘dun seen tha light.

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