Nonconformist Brides Unite!

November 4, 2009





I’m so blessed to have such unorthodoxly stylish people in my life. Case in point, Laura here, who hails from my hometown and even my street block growing up. She was the girl at 12 who instead of agonizing over homework, pored over Vogue mags in her bedroom into the wee hours–and it paid off in her truly unique vision of fashion. 



Cut to twentysomething Six Degrees of CAYSF Separation and this childhood idol of mine happens to be engaged to an old college friend (I actually may have played a lil’ matchmaking but their stars were bound to collide at one point or another:)  



SO *duh* I had the primordial, sartorial urge to aid in her gown hunt…



Well, “they” say the easier it is to find your soulmate, the harder it is to find the perfect dress. And even more difficult when you want to have an off-the-beaten path (do I dare say even a bit outlandish?) bridal look. This proved true when New Yorker Laura and I trekked the LA vintage scene like hungry wolves…to no avail. We hit Shareen, Paris 1900 and Paperbag Princess (photos above are from here, shhhhh don’t tell, SO not allowed, and hence the poor photo quality).



While I was saddened by my inability to help her get hitched in style, don’t worry, this story does have a happy ending. True to form, Laura took an online lunch break and found her dress at The anti-bridezilla reigns supreme!



PS: Do you die over that (also) vintage fat rock???


One Response to “Nonconformist Brides Unite!”

  1. caitlindentino said

    lovin’ the new look!

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