Down The Design Rabbit Hole We Go…

November 3, 2009


LA design emporium TENOVERSIX is undeniably an accessories Wonderland. And not just because its name is a cheeky nod to the Lewis Carroll/Disney fantasy. Each and every well-curated item is visual treat enough to cause any arty fashionista to feel like she/he guzzled the White Rabbit’s elixir and ate his cake in one giant swallow. Euphoric edibles aside, this is one not-to-be-missed retail trip. One can only hope that an Opening Ceremony/Spike Jonze-esque TENOVERSIX/Tim Burton collab is in the works for the AIW remake out in March… 





Some highlight labels include Steven Shein, Meredith Wendell, Yarborough, Six Scents and Rachel Comey (if you’re a devout  CAYSF follower you know she’s my Homey🙂 The best part, however dear readers, is the new in-house capsule collection that boasts brilliant vintage fabric ponchos and clutches used as blank canvases for owners Kristen Lee and Brady Cunningham’s artistic whims. I’ll let the Spring ’10 line speak for itself below, but will definitely be donning ALL of it as soooooon as it hits the racks… 

evita coat far

lisa dress pink silk chiffon

elena floral zip frt dress

lola floral blk lace dress


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  1. […] momma!! In addition to the site, these dazzlers can be purchased at our favorite whimsical outpost TENOVERSIX. Posted by chicandyoushallfind Filed in Uncategorized ·Tags: LAS Jewelry, tenoversix […]

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