Patches? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Patches!

October 30, 2009



With all of the CAYSF madness meetings in the past few days, I simply have not dedicated the time that I typically do for my Halloween costume (*shame on me*). So instead, I was forced to descend upon the archives of All Hallow’s Eves past. When better to pay homage to my fave redhead than this night of frivolity and outlandish clothing? Phyllis Nefler is a personal hero (“He Permmmmmed Me!!!!!!”) and this costume is quite easy to pull off last minutely. See below for the “black belt in shopping” “Beverly Hills What A Thrill” guide:

Ridiculous ’80s dress (the more of both ridiculous and ’80s here the better), Check! 

Cigarette holder, Check! 

Carrot-red curly wig, Check! 

Piece of khaki fabric from local craft store cut into sash, Check! 

Patches bought from local Girl Scout store or even funny/cutesy basic patches, Check!

Charm, wit, fab quotes and air of BH entitlement, Check!

ET VOILA! Instant Phyllis.


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