Young At Heart Art

October 29, 2009


Mark Ryden has quickly become one of my favorite contemporary artists. Whimsical, ethereal and downright fun, his pieces make him my answer to the ubiquitous magazine interview question “Whom would you most like as a dinner party guest?” Wouldn’t you love to pick this man’s brain?


Who would you most like to dine with? A few others at the table for me: Nancy Cunard, Ginette Spanier, Ed Ruscha, Helmut Newton, Lady Gaga, Pat Conroy, Grace Coddington, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, Kate & Laura Mulleavy, Simon Doonan, David Crosby, Anderson Cooper, Moby, Isabella Blow, Eddie Vedder, Rayanne Graff, Yves Saint Laurent, Jim Morrison, Gloria Steinem, Lou Reed, Jackson Pollock, Jenny Lewis, David Byrne, Antoine Saint Exupery, Margene, Nicky and Barb (in character and in that order), Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Joan Didion, Beck, Paulo Coehlo and Don Draper (Betty could come too). Oh and of course, Gordon Ramsay would be in the kitchen:)


True to CAYSF form, I have included below a few contemporary art coffee table tomes featuring Mark Ryden and others in the genre. Both are available on Amazon.

the upsetfructose


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