Talent For Days and Days and Days

October 25, 2009




I know that he may be old news to many of you, but I’m disappointed in myself for not posting this closer to CAYSF’s birth (there simply isn’t enough time in the day to post all of my mind wanderings)…Uggh sorry, digression…The illustrator Cedric Rivrain makes me miss the days of fashion mag drawings like the heavens miss the rain! When clothes can be rendered this well, sometimes its refreshing to see them in another medium besides reality. Remember the days before Nylon sold out? I think I was so obsessed with the magazine because I instantly had my month’s drawing homework–copying all that jazz was ideal for a wannabe self taught artist. Now, even despite their continual use of illustrators, I just can’t touch that magazine with a ten foot pole. But I digress yet again. It’s been a weekend and a half but more on that latah skatahs. 


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