Modern Designer Proust Series #1: LAEKEN

October 8, 2009

Lovely Readers,

Starting today, I will periodically bring a new type of post to the table. In hopes of you getting to know my fave designers a lil’ better, I will showcase their intimate answers to a very random mix of my questions. I did borrow a few from Mister Proust, but give a girl a break, so does Vanity Fair… They say we should all complete his questionnaire something like every 7 years anyway. Maybe you’d like to do some self work and answer them for yourself after reading my ingenues’ self reflections?


mallyce styleEt voila! I bring you Ms. Mallyce Miller of the fiercely wearable LAEKEN. A friend, a garmentress, a Silverlake wild child, a travel junkie, an artistic rebel. If you’re not familiar with her fashion hijinks, drink in her craft from a few past spring and fall lookbook pix before reading on (available at  SatineOAKBendel’s and Revolve Clothing).



CAYSF: Who is your greatest muse?


MM: My mom always. Drew Barrymore right now. Travel forever.


CAYSF: What is your main flaw?


MM: I work incessantly. I don’t take care of myself in a balanced way and end up stressed and sick.


CAYSF: What are your top 3 stores to shop?


MM: Wasteland, Opening Ceremony, The Restoration.


CAYSF: What is your idea of happiness?


MM: Travel or lounging in a hammock in Laos.


CAYSF: What is your idea of misery?


MM: Standing still or feeling stuck. I don’t like to stay in one place for too long.Restlessness is a challenge of my nature, yet I know it also fuels my creativity.


CAYSF: What is your favorite color and flower?


MM: Blue, it has always been blue! I don’t have a favorite flower…but I’m into cacti.


CAYSF: What is your favorite travel destination?


MM: I have so many!  I love going to 3rd world countries. My adventures have given me so many experiences–the challenges and discomfort that come from being in these countries is exhilirating. I loved Thailand (Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi and Phi)  and Laos (Luang Probang, Vang Vieng and the jungles of Huey Xai). Tokyo, Japan is amazing for shopping, although the language can be intimidating when no one around you speaks English. But it makes it even more exciting when I am trying to find my way. I loved Melbourne and Barcelona too; I could easily live in either place.


CAYSF: Where could I find you on a random Sunday?


MM: Working…or at the Fairfax flea market…or snowboarding…or sleeping.


CAYSF: What is your favorite motto?


MM: At a very young age I decided that “experiences are better than things”. That pretty much sums up the focus of my life. In order to travel the world and experience all it has to offer, I would rather drive an older car and live in a small apartment.  To live an upscale life or own a boat doesn’t interest me, unless I could live and travel in that boat. 😉


CAYSF: What is your most recurring dream?


MM: I only have one recurring dream about a “ranch” we own and every time I am there something horrible happens like sharks trying to eat me. I know the inside and out of this ranch as if it were a real place but have yet to see it.


CAYSF: Who is your favorite band?


MM: Au Revoir Simone because I love them all! Pearl Jam….always 😉 Nirvana. The Cure. Alice in Chains. Massive Attack. Nine Inch Nails…yes..I’m very 90s rock.


CAYSF: What is a memory that has shaped your career most?


MM: I’ll always remember when my stepdad told me “you will never feel completely ready, you just need to jump off the cliff.”


CAYSF: What designer could you envision a collaboration with? 


MM: Vivienne Westwood would be a dream…but realistically TOMS shoes.


CAYSF: What is the number one piece of advice you’d give to a fledgling designer?


MM: Intern! Intern! Intern!   I would intern for 3 different designers each week who are at different levels of size and age.  It would be especially important to intern for a brand new Indie designer if you want to own your own line someday. I worked for big companies when I was younger and felt that I missed a lot of the core elements of learning how to create a business from the ground up.







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