October 5, 2009

First and foremost, I’d like to inform you all that CAYSF will be undergoing some fab re-construction in the next few weeks–ALL FOR THE AESTHETIC GOOD! I bought a teeny bday prez for myself that I have no guilt over whatsoever…a Canon Rebel that may just be the most inspiring thing a girl could splurge on. Here are some sneak peeks at my first foray into real photography. 




Housesitting in Malibu this weekend couldn’t have been a more opportune time to zen-out and then test-out my new machine. We ate Zooma Sushi (forget Nobu), brought Brigitte Bardot down to the beach for sunset with vino, nightswam under a full moon, surfed too big of waves for this wussy and ate the best tacos in a 30 mile radius for breakfast (yes, tacos for breakfast). 


NOW, on to the topic at hand. My obsession of life orange Bumblebee necklace by Nola Singer. It was the perfect bday present because only the closest people in my life are allowed to call me “B” and Nola is at the top of that list:) The style is also named after me; look for “The Brenna” on her site. Doesn’t Mr. Bumblebee look like he could be trapped in a spider’s web in these pix? 


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