Sundance is the Smart Girl’s Bravo

September 14, 2009


When you get tired of Kim’s wigs, Nene’s “melons” and Rachel Zoe’s monosyllabic gushes (did she really alter that Chanel hot pink dream of a gown? BLASPHEMOUS!), might I recommend something, umm, a little more stimulating? Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint in the Dumbing Down of America via my Tivo, but I urge you to FLIP THE SWITCH to the Sundance channel this week for their Full Frontal Fashion extravaganza.

Instead of watching Atlanta ex-footballer’s wives with no semblance of design talent and vapid, starving stylists of the same caliber, why not  ed-u-ma-cate yourselves with some Karl, Sonia, Proenza, Gaultier, Ralph Rucci and MJ? This is the piece de resistance of fashion reality TV and trust me, it is not without dramz (“merde” is dropped left and right). Below’s the rundown; click links for showings to instruct your Tivo. Thank me later. 


THE DAY BEFORE SERIES (my new hero, doc filmmaker Loic Prigent follows designers in the 24 hours preceding their runway collections debut):


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