Warhol Back When

September 2, 2009

warhol back when



So I’ve never really been into Warhol except for his days as a starving artist way back when. Did you know that in the pre-Factory era he illustrated for Harper’s, Glamour and Mademoiselle? Andy would get a certain amount of money for each shoe drawn, and when the artist counted how many drawings he had done, he knew how much he had for the month. Go figyah!

Obviously I have a TON of work to do, but how do you feel about my Wannabe Warhol for Stace’s bday coming up? I drew from sight then screwed around on Photoshop–artsy fartsy or loser susie? Would you hang it on your bathroom wall?

Original image via Andy Warhol Fashion


One Response to “Warhol Back When”

  1. wardsanc said

    would DEF hang on my bathroom wall!!

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