Can I Be Any More Camp??

September 1, 2009


Call me crazy, but we could all use a little bit more cliché in our lives–especially these days when everyone and their dog seem to be taking serious to a new extreme. Hence, my pup Brigitte Bardot. She may not be blonde, but those brown eyes are dead ringers for the real deal’s (plus the latter is a mayjah animal rights activist in case you didn’t know). My Brigitte is the poster child for why when considering a pet, YOU MUST ADOPT. “La Brig,” as we like to call her, came from the South Central pound via Much Love Animal Rescue (SUCH a great org) with a neck injury from another dog and a nasty cold. With a little TLC, just six months later she has become the love of my life and everyone in it (it has even been suggested that she become a therapy dog for all of our depressed friends:)

The real Brigitte pic is via Gypset Style (get it? gypsy + jet set = gypset), yet another great contribution from Assouline and the pride and joy of my ever-growing collection. 

PS : Don’t fret my pets, La Brig received many a treat for her modeling duties today! Oh and you can vote for her in the Cutest Dog Competition by clicking the link.


4 Responses to “Can I Be Any More Camp??”

  1. Lauren said

    Oh Bren…you know how I love Brigitte and this pic is claaaassic. Well done. And Brigitte IS my pet therapy already btw!!! And I LOVE your blog!! Yay!

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