Another Great Gift Idea, My Chickens

August 28, 2009

greygardensstillgreygardensstill2We were all aghast when the sickly chic doc Grey Gardens showed us the true colors of America’s beloved Jackie O, who left her flesh and blood to live in squalor (shame on her!)…But could it have been more entertaining or closet-inspiring? “EDIE, EDIEEEEEEE!” 

Now, a crafty, capitalist/artist in Lala has immortalized the kookoos, manse and even raccoons in 3 fab coloring books that have become my partial bday presents for fellow obsessors (and besties) Stacey and Tiyson. 





One Response to “Another Great Gift Idea, My Chickens”

  1. Tiyson said

    Is it my birthday yet? I can’t wait to get this!!!

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